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We are a factory that is motivated by producing Danish products, from sensible raw materials, in an exceptionally good quality. We love to make the difference - which makes Made in Denmark special.

Quality products from - The Danish factory

You no longer must look to the far east, to produce hygiene and personal care products.

We have made it much easier for you, with the production of quality products near you – in Denmark.

Our well-qualified and skilled employees produce products of the highest quality, at our fully automatic machine park.

We are constantly expanding with new solutions and machines that enable us to meet your expectations of products Made in Denmark.

Product facts based on - test and self-monitoring

We have a good collaboration with several companies on quality testing of our many products.

In addition, we carry out strict self-inspection and quality testing in daily production.

Although a product has been tested and approved by a state-recognized testing center, we perform daily inspections of all our productions.

We have our own test equipment which gives a clear indication that the products comply with given requirements.

Let us produce your - Private Label

With the latest production equipment, we are always ready to produce your Private Label product.

If, for example, you have a restaurant and want your very own wet wipes with logo and company name for your guests or for sales promotions etc. - we can help.

We can produce them whether you need very small or very large quantities, with short delivery times.

We are always ready to help you, with design, packaging, shipping and work fast from thought to action.

Danish production

At our own factory

We have built our very own factory – literally. Thus, everything turned out exactly as we wanted it to. With our great technical insight, we aimed high, but have succeeded in building a factory that lives up to our own, authorities and customers’ expectations.

Production & Sale of own Brands
Production of Private Label Products
Production of Customers' Products
  • wet-wipe

    Wet Wipes

    We can produce single wipes where you open it, just like a tea bag. These are called a 4 seal wipe, because it is closed on all four sides. Inside you have one wet wipe in good soft quality.

    We can also produce wet wipes in packages which are opened at the top. Here you have the option to choose package sizes with between 5 and 30 wipes inside. The wipes are pulled up by the package individually.

  • tube


    We have a machine that can fill 100ml tubes with just about any kind of cream or liquid.

    It is of course possible to choose larger or smaller tubes, our experience just shows that 100ml tubes are a good choice. Especially since they are suitable for carrying on a plane.

    We have the opportunity to work with tubes in the plastic material you prefer.

  • Woman-in-red-dress-whit-facemask

    Face Masks

    We have gained a great deal of experience, with production of face masks since we started production in summer 2020.

    We work continuously with the materials used, to make face masks that are a little out of the ordinary and ensure our customers the best possible experience.

    We can produce face masks, according to current type II and IIR specifications.

The history of The Danish Factory?

A success story
in a Corona time

Den Danske Fabrik (The Danish Factory) is a 100% Danish factory with production of hygiene and protective products in Denmark.

When our Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced the lockdown in Denmark March 2020, we were also hit. Thus, we had to send the employees of our parent company Mobicom-Pro home.

We could see that in Denmark there was a shortage of protective equipment, including surgical face masks for both private and professionals in the health sector. The products that came on the market, came with a dubious documentation and quality – from the East. We therefore thought: “We must be able to do that even in Denmark”.

So, since mid-March 2020, we have worked night and day to establish a top of the art factory where we, among other things, can produce face masks in a very large number. We are now looking into a factory that proves that we can easily produce Danish masks in high quality, and contribute to making Denmark self-sufficient in this respect.

We also have established machines and robots that can produce wet wipes and disinfectant gel tubes in large numbers. This production will continuously start up during the autumn and winter of 20/21. We will carry out own production as well as production for other companies, Danish as well as international.

All raw materials and consumables which are part of our production is carefully studied by our own people around the world, and we only buy products which are recyclable and sustainable.

Even though the supplier has test reports and approvals, everything is tested again via the European and Danish test centers, with which we work closely. And we regularly check all raw materials here at the factory, so we certainly maintain a high standard.

All our products are at least CE marked, but have undergone far more demanding tests than the authorities recommend.

  • Mar2020
    Denmark is closing down
  • Mar2020
    Construction begins
  • May2020
    Machines arrive
  • Jun2020
    Production begins
  • Dec2020
    Capacity increases
  • Aug2021
    Wipe production starts

Our goal is not just to have a production, but also to develop new solutions for masks etc. We already have several new solutions ready, and we will continuously offer new solutions.

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