How we test



We use state-recognized test centers and carry out daily self-inspections of our production

Den Danske Fabrik works closely with several companies, including the Danish Technological Institute and Eurofins Product Testing A/ S, on quality testing of the products we produce. However, even though a product has been tested and approved by a state-recognized testing center, we perform daily sampling and inspection of all our productions.

In order to meet the strict requirements we have for self-inspection and quality assurance, we have invested in advanced test equipment. This enables us to ensure a consistent quality that, in addition to complying with government requirements, also meets our goal of credible product information.

It all starts with good raw materials of high quality

The Danish Factory sets high standards for the Danish and international suppliers we use. Our buyers therefore spend a lot of resources on selecting and building close relationships with our suppliers, with the aim of ensuring that they know the way we work and our expectations for a high and consistent quality of the raw materials we receive.

All our products are at least CE marked, but have passed far more demanding tests than the authorities recommend.