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Danish production

At our own factory

We have built our very own factory – literally. Thus, everything turned out exactly as we wanted it to. With our great technical insight, we aimed high, but have succeeded in building a factory that lives up to our own, authorities and customers’ expectations.

Production & Sale of own Brands
Production of Private Label Products
Production of Customers' Products
  • wet-wipe

    Wet Wipes

    We can produce single wipes where you open it, just like a tea bag. These are called a 4 seal wipe, because it is closed on all four sides. Inside you have one wet wipe in good soft quality.

    We can also produce wet wipes in packages which are opened at the top. Here you have the option to choose package sizes with between 5 and 30 wipes inside. The wipes are pulled up by the package individually.

  • tube


    We have a machine that can fill 100ml tubes with just about any kind of cream or liquid.

    It is of course possible to choose larger or smaller tubes, our experience just shows that 100ml tubes are a good choice. Especially since they are suitable for carrying on a plane.

    We have the opportunity to work with tubes in the plastic material you prefer.

  • Woman-in-red-dress-whit-facemask

    Face Masks

    We have gained a great deal of experience, with production of face masks since we started production in summer 2020.

    We work continuously with the materials used, to make face masks that are a little out of the ordinary and ensure our customers the best possible experience.

    We can produce face masks, according to current type II and IIR specifications.