Who are we

The history of The Danish Factory?

A success story
in a Corona time

Den Danske Fabrik (The Danish Factory) is a 100% Danish factory with production of hygiene and protective products in Denmark.

When our Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced the lockdown in Denmark March 2020, we were also hit. Thus, we had to send the employees of our parent company Mobicom-Pro home.

We could see that in Denmark there was a shortage of protective equipment, including surgical face masks for both private and professionals in the health sector. The products that came on the market, came with a dubious documentation and quality – from the East. We therefore thought: “We must be able to do that even in Denmark”.

So, since mid-March 2020, we have worked night and day to establish a top of the art factory where we, among other things, can produce face masks in a very large number. We are now looking into a factory that proves that we can easily produce Danish masks in high quality, and contribute to making Denmark self-sufficient in this respect.

We also have established machines and robots that can produce wet wipes and disinfectant gel tubes in large numbers. This production will continuously start up during the autumn and winter of 20/21. We will carry out own production as well as production for other companies, Danish as well as international.

All raw materials and consumables which are part of our production is carefully studied by our own people around the world, and we only buy products which are recyclable and sustainable.

Even though the supplier has test reports and approvals, everything is tested again via the European and Danish test centers, with which we work closely. And we regularly check all raw materials here at the factory, so we certainly maintain a high standard.

All our products are at least CE marked, but have undergone far more demanding tests than the authorities recommend.

  • Mar2020
    Denmark is closing down
  • Mar2020
    Construction begins
  • May2020
    Machines arrive
  • Jun2020
    Production begins
  • Dec2020
    Capacity increases
  • Aug2021
    Wipe production starts

Our goal is not just to have a production, but also to develop new solutions for masks etc. We already have several new solutions ready, and we will continuously offer new solutions.