Wipe in a good soft quality


Get your very own wet wipes

We can produce wet wipes with your name and logo on them

The increased focus on hand hygiene – is here to stay. And the wet wipe is an easy and cheap way to show your customers that you make an extra effort, for their safety. The Danish Factory can produce wet wipes with your company name and logo on them, in series as low as 5000 units.

We can supply the wet wipes with or without alcohol, which can be added to five different scents or with ZOONO® which creates a long-acting antimicrobial coating. But we can also add your own liquids. And can thus produce wet wipes, for almost any purpose.

Wet wipes are suitable for many applications. They can e.g. be used for baby wipes, skin cleansing or skin care, spectacle or window cleaning, or to disinfect surfaces on the mobile phone, computer mouse, door handle, etc. It just depends on the material and what liquids are added.

Whether you offer “Take Away”, repair mobile phones or something completely different, it is a bright idea to give your customers a pair of wet wipes, with your company name and logo on – to take home. Then they will be reminded that you do a little extra to provide good customer service.

Single wipes or packages with up to 30 wet wipes

The Danish Factory has 2 production lines that together can produce more than 18,000 wet wipes packed individually – in “4 seal foil” every hour. We can also produce packages with 5-30 pcs. wipes. They open at the top where you can pull out the wipes one at a time. Depending on the number of napkins in the package, we can produce up to 600 packages per hour.

We can take care of everything – just send us your ideas

Whether you want to have wet wipes produced with your own products, or just think that wet wipes with your own company name and logo sound like an ingenious marketing tool, we are ready to help make a good idea a reality.

The "4-Seal" production lines - can produce more than 18,000 single wipes per hour